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ALTRIX Temporary Roof

ALTRIX is an all-aluminium modular temporary roofing and weather protection system, which utilises the slide sheet keder model. This allows the roof sheets to be installed from the supporting structure below, in complete safety. Using the proven sliding button system to retain the sheet tracking, ALTRIX uses a heavy-duty 790mm deep (centre to centre) structural beam, ideal for demanding applications and allowing large spans to be covered.

Manufactured from EN AW 6082 T6 Alloy, the 790mm deep alloy beams form the main structural member of the ALTRIX roof. These beams have consistent nodal spacing, so that neighbouring spans can be made up from a differing combination of lengths. The verticals are always in the same location when viewed from the side; this allows the horizontal and plan bracing to be perfectly consistent.

Where extreme loads are expected, or where exceptionally large spans are required, the ALTRIX beams can be substituted for the ASTERIX HD 1280mm deep (centre to centre) range of alloy beams. ALTRIX has ISO 9001 and EN 1090 certified manufacturing processes, and conforms to all relevant British and European Standards.


The chords and vertical posts of the ALTRIX beams are manufactured from 48.3mm diameter alloy tube. Because they do not require special fittings, they are suitable for use in many normal scaffold applications, such as bridge sections.

The 3.0m, 2.5m, 2.0m and 1.5m bay sizes, along with 2.0m brace frame centres, means that PLETTAC METRIX steel decking can integrate seamlessly within an ALTRIX structure, ideal for creating large flushed deck birdcages and gantries. The 790mm beam depth increases capacity and when integrated into a PLETTAC METRIX Scaffold, the decking level remains equal with the supporting structure, enabling seamless access.

Although ALTRIX is designed to work particularly efficiently with PLETTAC METRIX System Scaffold, it is not limited to this application. ALTRIX can be used in conjunction with almost any scaffold type.

Because the brace can be used to connect any 48.3mm diameter tube, they can be used to set out standards on tube and fitting scaffolds, ensuring optimum locations to accommodate the roof above. The sheet tracks can be fixed to the side of a scaffold, to enable sidewall sheeting to be fixed, which is ideal for screens, temporary sheeting, etc.

ALTRIX is a complete solution designed for practical application. ALTRIX is not only a temporary roof used by scaffolders, it is a scaffolders’ temporary roof.

All temporary roofs can pass large forces onto their supporting structures. Therefore it is imperative that each ALTRIX roof and supporting structure is designed and certified by an appropriately qualified temporary works / scaffold design engineer, who is fully versed in this form of design.


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The Scaffolding Association is the largest trade organisation in the UK scaffolding and access sector, campaigning to raise standards of safety, quality and workforce skills.

Temporary Works Forum

Temporary Works Forum

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The aim of Temporary Works forum (TWf) is to encourage open discussion of any matter related to temporary works, for the good of the industry overall. The Forum is open to anyone, individual or corporate, working within the industry and sharing this intent.

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BSI ISO 9001

BSI ISO 9001

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TRAD UK have been audited by BSi and are accredited to ISO 9001:2015.

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BM TRADA membership and subsequent annual Scaffold Board grading accreditation allows TRAD to inspect the quality of their scaffold boards both new and in service. This ensures that the quality of their scaffold boards are always measured and comply with the current BS2482 – 2009 standard.

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